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Signature wellness treatments

Sublime interpretations of gentle relaxation

Wellness transcends the sensations of the body by changing into a desire for relaxation dedicated to the whole person. To rediscover an ideal state of psycho/physical harmony, at the Brunet Dolomites Resort, you can take advantage of the 1000 square metres of the Gocce di Rugiada wellness and beauty centre with aesthetic centre, sauna area, relaxation areas, fully equipped gym and heated indoor pool (one also dedicated to children) with indoor whirlpool. And how can we forget the 500 square meter Sky Spa?
In addition, our qualified staff is ready to pamper you with relaxing massages and satisfy your requests for sensory experiences. Finally, to allow you to move easily from place to place, an underground corridor connects the Hotel Tressane, the Park Hotel Iris, the Relais le Gemme and the wellness & beauty area.

Romantic baths for one person

- Thyme bath
- Juniper bath
- Hypericum and bergamot bath
- Hay and arnica flower bath
- Bath with Dead Sea salts
- Seaweed and vine bath

Romantic baths for 2 persons

- Thyme bath
- Juniper bath
- Hypericum and bergamot bath
- Hay and arnica flower bath
- Bath with Dead Sea salts
- Seaweed and vine bath

Himalaya salt bath and lavender flowers | 50 min.

Ideal for a new charge of energy, freeing the body and mind from stress and excessive tension. A micro massage performed with the combination of precious oils, lavender flowers and pink salt (rich in minerals, trace elements and iron) will make your skin soft and silky. The session in the warm cocoon wrap offers new vigour, eliminating every form of fatigue.

Vitalis Dr. Joseph hay bath | 50 min.

Complete treatment with body peel and foot wrap. Highly detoxifying, helps relieve muscle and joint pain.

Vitalis Dr. Joseph Detox treatment | 75 min.

The Soft-Pack pack with alpine mud will help the body to get rid of accumulated toxins and stress. The purifier for the liver, on the other hand, optimizes the detoxifying effect while a pleasant and delicate face and foot massage will relax the mind and body.

Vitalis Massage Resonanz - abdomen | 50 min.

A unique method with the particular use of sulphur rolls, combined with a cupping technique and highly effective natural active ingredients. To reduce the circumference of the waistline, tone and firm the abdominal contours.

Vitalis Massage Resonanz - back | 50 min.

A unique method of its kind with a particular use of rolls of sulphur, together with the technique of cupping and the natural active principles of high effectiveness.

To reduce the circumference of the waist, to tone and firm the abdominal profile.

Vitalis Massage Resonanz - cellulite | 50 min.

The combination of massage, the technique of cupping and the vibration of Tibetan bells, in an extraordinary massage to combat unsightly cellulite, for velvety and firm skin.

Vitalis Massage - Vital Boli | 50 min.

Regenerating massage with hot pads personalised with aromatic herbs and precious vegetable oils. Vitalising for muscles and joints, it offers energy and wellbeing for relaxation of the body and mind. Also ideal following a sporting activity.

St. Barth Softness | 50 min.

Cleansing massage for the body and face with Caribbean sand, coconut and papaya. Leaves the skin silky and pleasantly perfumed.

St. Barth Elasticity | 50 min.

Wrap of fine clay, ivy, fresh avocado oil and cucumber mousse. A cocktail rich in minerals and vitamins to make toned hydrated and visibly smoother skin.

St. Barth Sensation | 50 min.

Sumptuous regenerating body wrap for an intense hydration of the body. A perfumed relaxing massage will intensify the absorption of the products and relieve you of any tension.

St. Barth Slimness | 50 min.

Excellent treatment for a sensation of immediate wellbeing for swollen and heavy legs by means of a gentle massage to drain, decongest and relax.

St. Barth Harmony Massage | 50 min.

Regenerating massage that utilizes natural products that work deeply , offering an intense feeling of relaxation and improves skin tone.

St. Barth Special | 120 min.

Complete facial and body treatment which includes:
- Beauty bath with avocado oil and Tiarè flowers
- Short firming massage with ivy and menthol gel
- Body peeling with yoghurt, papaya and coconut oil
- Complete facial treatment: peeling, mask and massage with mango butter cream
- Body massage with milk with a Caribbean fragrance

St. Barth Pureness | 50 min.

An unforgettable treat with an intensely purifying effect. The fresh fragrance of natural elixirs brightens your face while a gentle massage of the the hands will relax you completely.

St. Barth Freshness | 50 min.

For those who love natural and extreme relaxation, an intensive facial treatment for a soft, purified and rehydrated skin.

Peeling with sea salt from the Brittany Isles | 50 min.

Total body and face peel, with strong draining, moisturising and mineralising actions.

Back Cleansing | 50 min.

Cleansing treatment of the back with detoxifying mud and final massage.

Remodeling ritual Soin Minceur & Fermetè | 75 min.

This new treatment ritual offers an unforgettable experience of relaxation as well as help render cellulite less visible. The orange peel effect and volume are reduced thanks to a remodelling massage with innovative principles, and a slimming wrap offers elasticity.

Draining bandages with lymph massage | 50 min.

Draining treatment suitable for those suffering with heaviness in the lower limbs, oedema, water retention. The cold bandages with sea salt, combined with the lymphatic massage optimise and help eliminate water retention, offering an immediate sensation of lightness.

Ritual draining Detox & Energy | 50 min.

Unique ritual of well-being associated with the stimulation of energy meridians to reduce muscle tension and offer a new charge of energy, while a deep drainage regulates circulation and excess lymphatic stasis.

Relaxation in a warm cocoon | 25 min.

A moment of complete relaxation, suitable for any time, to escape from the daily routine.
- With soothing wrap: € 35
- No wrap: € 25

Alpine aromatic massage | Couples’ treatment | 75 min.

Together for a pleasant massage including peeling to free body and mind from tension and stress with the freshness of the Dolomites scents.

Romantic massage | for couples | 50 min.

Couples massage in a very romantic, charming and exotic atmosphere with a choice of the spices which are most satisfying to the senses.

Relaxing Sensation massage | for couples | 50 min.

High quality products rich in vitamins and minerals for the well-being of your skin make for a  particularly pampering treatment, taking you gently into a deep state of relaxation.

Magical romantic pampering | for couples | 75 min.

Peeling treatment for the cleaning of the body; total relaxation accompanied by manual pampering treatment with fragrant, fresh and natural products that will make your skin soft and silky.

Facial ritual | 50 min.

The lightness of a relaxing massage on the neck and spine with hot stones, in an aromatherapy facial treatment. Suitable for all skin types.

Body ritual | 50 min.

A beauty massage, relaxing both the body and mind, with the use of hot lava stones. 

Welcome ritual | 50 min.

Localized treatment exclusively on the feet and neck area with soothing dexterity aimed at relaxation and balance for body and mind.

Back massage | 25 min.
Leg massage | 25 min.
Face massage | 25 min.
Children’s massage | 25 min.
Personalized massage | 50 min.
Relaxing massage with warm aromatic oils | 50 min.
Circulatory modelling | 50 min.

Specifically for combatting cellulite, localised fat and poor tone thanks to the use of concentrated active ingredients with a high-impact effect.

Hot stone massage | 50 min.

The powerful energy of massage with lava stones, which are noted for their capacity to promote a harmonious effect inducing a meditative state of peace and quiet.

Cold Stone Massage | 25 min.

The alternating of cold stones and the warmth of the hands create a vaso constricting effect to drain and offer lightness to heavy legs.

Foot massage | 25 min.

Una serie di digitopressioni e manualità eseguite esclusivamente sulla pianta del piede partenza di punti riflessi che andranno a stimolare i dieci apparati, per migliorare il microcircolo, detossinare, depurare e dare riequilibrio energetico all'organismo, con un effetto preventivo rilassante e benefico.

Decontracting back massage | 25 min.

The use of hot stones and balsamic oils to unclench, relax and release the tensions in the back and spine.

Massage of the extremities ( head, hands and feet) | 25 min.

Holistic massage: working on the extremities of the body (head, hands and feet) bringing back the energetic balance and a sensation of total lightness.

4 hands massage | 50 min.

The dexterity confounds the mind with a feeling of body weightlessness that is felt continuously until you abandon yourself to total relaxation.

Aromatic alpine massage | 75 min.

The freshness of the Dolomite scents in an enveloping massage including a peel to free the body and mind from tension and stress.

Ayurvedic massage | 50 min.

Ayurvedic derives from the ancient Indian philosophy. The science and knowledge of life which considers man in its entirety as a font of energy in continuous transformation.

An embracing massage offering psycho-physical rebalancing.

Shirodhara | 70 min.

From the Ayurvedic discipline, a continuous flow of hot oil is applied to the forehead, accompanied by a body massage with special attention to the head to relieve stress and free the mind of thoughts and tension.

Energy chakra massage | 50 min.

A holistic technique aimed at achieving inner harmony and balance. A manual massage enriched with the use of gems, aromatic pure oils and vibrations of the Tibetan bells.

Well-being for men

- Total energetic massage with homme milk; a delicate and fresh feeling on the skin (50 min.)
- Decontracting back massage (25 min.)
- Facial treatment (50 min.)

Well-being for women

- Peeling with salts with a draining and re-mineralizing effect for silky skin, with a total body moisturizing massage (75 min.)
- WishPro facial treatment with massage (50 min.)

Well-being for mums

- Polar massage, relaxing and rebalancing
- Personalized Maria Galland facial treatment with leg draining massage with ivy

Well-being for kids

- Perfumed oil massage (25 min.)
- Moment of well-being and pampering in the Soft-Pack cradle

Extreme relaxation

- Peeling with Breton salts and cradle relaxation (75 min.)
- Relaxing massage for the whole body (50 min.)
- Wishpro face treatment (25 min.)

Sky Spa

Wellness caresses in the embrace of the Dolomites

The new Sky Spa, accessible to adults only, is a place where the sky, the Dolomites and unparalleled well-being have never been so close to ... the heart!

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